Reviews & Testimonials

Our clientele include professional public figures such as celebrity actresses, actors, chefs, politicians, authors, athletes, music artist, multi Grammy & Emmy award winning producers, major record labels, agents & management, plus radio & TV news personalities and more.

This is what just a few of our clients have said about us:


"Dan Connor is a total rock star at creating, building and developing new artists social media and brand. When I am launching a new artists career one of my 1st considerations is how can I make social media happen in a real and significant way. Once I started working with Dan he created a plan and strategy to get traction for each and every artist I brought him, with real people who actual ENGAGE."

~ Mike Mangini, Multi Platinum & Multi Grammy Award Winning Record Producer

"I believe that people, ideas, and execution, are the most important thing in any venture. In all my music business endeavors, I try to be aware of what I'm good at, and not so good at, and then surround myself with experts I can trust. For all things Social Media, that person, for me, is Dan Connor. As long as he's driving, I know I can safely let go and focus on my creativity. Dan gives me the freedom to enjoy what I do, and watch the work reach the people in the most effective ways. Given the ever-changing landscape of social engagement platforms, he is a Godsend, and has probably saved me untold hundreds of dollars on Advil. Heck, I trust him so much I've got him working with my son, Ari. And there's no higher vote of confidence than that!"

~ Peter Zizzo, Emmy Award Winning, Multi-Platinum Songwriter and Producer.

"Dan Connor has been instrumental in the development of the social media profile of our bands every step of the way. His strategies and his ability to execute out on those strategies has allowed our bands to grow their social platforms exponentially without any major label backing and did so at a very affordable price. His service has been a godsend and he is my go to source for all social media marketing needs."

~ Brian J Murphy, CEO, Fearless Entertainment, Inc.

"Being a music producer, one of the toughest things to grasp is how to get your artist's music heard, and in todays world most of that boils down to social media. Dan has worked on the majority of the projects I've been involved in in the past few years and it has made all the difference. I'm currently seeing one of my artists establish a fan base of real people who actually talk to him and share his material as a direct result of Dan's services. At this point I have recommended Dan to just about every friend I have in the industry and they too are thrilled with the results. On top of being a secret weapon in the world of online marketing, Dan is a trustworthy, good guy who genuinely cares about his clients."

~ Jonathan Buscema, Music Producer.

"I've worked with Dan for the past 6 months and have been getting nothing but GREAT results, we have been hitting blogs, building new fans, and gaining views on our videos, this man is highly recommended by me as we continue to work together I know that my artist will gain huge exposure."

~ Richie Derosena, CEO, RICH Management.

"I'm a professional singer/songwriter and I've been working with Dan Connor exclusively since 2011. He's played every part, from band manager, to business advisor, to tour manager, but his primary experience with merging business with social media as well as his ability to connect with clients, proves him to be an incredibly hard working, insightful and personable, yet down to earth businessman. Especially now in the Information Age, Dan Connor is the kinda guy you're going to want in your corner."

~ Duran Visek, Vocalist, Songwriter, The Silent Scene, Kicking Daisies & birthday.

"Working with 4Sightmedia has helped me understand how to effectively market artists and small businesses on social media. Not only has Dan educated me on the rules and regulations of Twitter, he's helped me develop smart strategies that helped me capture a true and organic follower-base. After only a week's time working with Dan, my Twitter followers, retweets, favorites, Soundcloud plays as well as home page impressions increased dramatically. These steady increases have equated to consistent fan engagements which in turn helped me land press as well as new business opportunities. I highly recommend 4SightMedia to any artist or small business that is serious about building/engaging a fan base or community through Twitter and Instagram."

~ Greg Matthews, "YellowShoots" + Founder of Chalky Collective.

"4Sight Media is the only social media service I recommend to the artists I work with.  Dan and his team provide results that matter. Beyond impressive numbers and the online engagement of real fans, people start showing up and filling rooms after a few months of partnering with 4Sight.  Not only that, Dan offers invaluable insight and advice into how to do our part to reach our goals, from the content we create to use of various social media platforms.  The bands and artists I coach thank me every day for introducing them to 4Sight."

~ Melissa Mulligan, MMVS Studios.

"Dan has the social media and marketing knowledge, experience and expertise that helped increased our Twitter followers organically by almost 75% in less than 3 months by strategically working with us to develop a marketing campaign that targeted our specific audience. Not only did he help to increase our followers, but we have been able to get those followers very engaged with our posts. This something we struggled with for years. We have been very pleased with Dan’s service and are happy with the success we have received on our campaigns and with the return on investment."

~ Mark Sincavage, President of Business Development, Editor-in-Chief, Concert Blogger Music Magazine.

"Dan helped me find other Twitter users who were into similar topics, and his work has resulted in a bunch of new connections for me. Besides his clear mastery of all things Twitter, Dan is an awesome guy to work with. He’s professional, but also friendly: he’s never too busy to get on the phone and explain something to you. He has a genuine interest in seeing his clients do well. I would highly recommend working with Dan."

~ Anonymous.

"I highly recommend using 4 Sight Media. Daniel is personally involved with each of his clients. He and his company customizes the service for each of their clients. My experience with this company was excellent. I gained thousands of twitter followers and advanced my music with his help."

~  Zachary Harrill, DJ/Producer.

"I wanted to thank Dan Connor for this amazing service. This service is a great tool especially as a music producer to get music out exposed to the right people in the industry. After a few track releases I had many people message me about collaborating on music and just new fans engaging daily. Dan Connor has one of the best, real twitter services I have seen and you are guaranteed success with this app."

~ Jeff Molner, EDM DJ/Producer.

"Dan Connor has helped me increase exposure across all of my social media platforms. He guided me on how to best promote myself on Younow which in turn lead to success on other platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. Dan really cares for the people he works with and has even attended some of my performances. He's wonderful to work with and is very knowledgeable in the social media world. Dan is the man!

Love Hailey Knox"

~ Hailey Knox, S-Curve Records signed Singer/Songwriter